Russell Simmons Still Ain’t Hip-Hop and He Ain’t No Occupier Either!

by Jared Ball

More than a decade ago Rosa Clemente alerted much of the world to the fact, as she said, that “Russell Simmons: You are Not Hip-Hop!” Her commentary caused a stir back then as many in the hip-hop community and beyond had taken a view of Simmons similar to the one many continue to have today of Barack Obama: A Black man who had taken over an aspect of the world mostly reserved for Whites and who would now make it better for us all. But in each case the man became the mirage he always was and in each case became a browner conduit of people’s hopes, dreams and, of course, money all of which continues to flow outwardly and only in benefit of the same White power elite. So it seemed perfect to see Simmons heckled at a recent Occupy Wall Street gathering and to note the particular Black womanhood of the leading heckler.


Malcolm X In Focus: A Happy Birthday Roundtable Discussion

Another angle of discussion on the legacy Malcolm X from Voxunion…

To commemorate the birthday of Malcolm X we convened a very special 2 hour program, a round table discussion featuring in the first hour Glen Ford Executive Editor of Black Agenda, Dr. Mark Bolden of the Association of Black Psychologists and Kali Akuno of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and US Human Rights Network.  In hour 2 we had Kalonji Olusegun current vice-president of the Republic of New Afrika, former vice-presidential nominee of the Green Party Rosa Clemente and Dr. Todd Burroughs of Morgan State University.  Ours was a round table discussion critical of recent scholarship on Malcolm X and in praise of the man himself and the ideas he represented.  We attempted to re-focus Malcolm in the midst of all surrounding confusion.

Malcolm X In Focus: A Happy Birthday Roundtable Discussion.

The Role Hip Hop Organizations and Groups Play in Politics

A report from the National Hip Hop Political Convention by Davey D via

During the recently held Hip Hop Political Convention we had an explosive panel that addressed the issue of Electoral Politics and how they intersect with Hip Hop music and Culture. We wound talking specifically about the impact or lack of impact Hip Hop organizations have on the voting process.

Sitting on this panel were the following people;

Rev lennox Yearwood of the Hip Hop Caucus, Professor Lamont Hill of Fox news and Temple University, Tony Cani- Young Democrats, Honorable George Martinez of H2Ed and former elected Official & emcee, Rosa Clemente-Vice presidential candidate of the Green Party.

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