Young Women Lead the Way to Green Economic Development on the Navajo Nation

Thanks to a diverse array of activist leaders at the helm of groups like Black Mesa Water Coalition (BMWC) and the Navajo Green Economy Coalition (NGEC), the Navajo Nation is moving towards a sustainably powered bright future. Women’s leadership has played a central role in bringing forth the shift towards collective support for green economic development that is in alignment with traditional Navajo life ways.

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Dorothy Height, Heroine of Civil Rights Era

Dorothy Height, who in an 80-year campaign for social justice became the grande dame of the civil rights era and its great unsung heroine, died Tuesday morning at the age of 98.

Her death was announced by the National Council of Negro Women, of which she was president emerita, and by Howard University Hospital in Washington, where she died.

Ms. Height is widely credited as the first person in the modern civil rights era to treat the problems of equality for women and equality for African-Americans as a seamless whole, merging concerns that had historically been largely separate.

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