Occupy All the Harlems, to Save Ourselves from the Dictatorship of Wall Street

via Black Agenda Report

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The question for Black America is not what’s going on in the heads of young white people in Zuccotti Park, but how WE will organize in our own defense against Wall Street, which has “done more damage to Black people than anyone else” in the country. Barack Obama, “most of the traditional Black organizations, and the entire Black Misleadership Class” are all bought and paid for by finance capital. “Our job is to wake our people up, so that we don’t sleep through this moment.”

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Malcolm X In Focus: A Happy Birthday Roundtable Discussion

Another angle of discussion on the legacy Malcolm X from Voxunion…

To commemorate the birthday of Malcolm X we convened a very special 2 hour program, a round table discussion featuring in the first hour Glen Ford Executive Editor of Black Agenda Report.com, Dr. Mark Bolden of the Association of Black Psychologists and Kali Akuno of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and US Human Rights Network.  In hour 2 we had Kalonji Olusegun current vice-president of the Republic of New Afrika, former vice-presidential nominee of the Green Party Rosa Clemente and Dr. Todd Burroughs of Morgan State University.  Ours was a round table discussion critical of recent scholarship on Malcolm X and in praise of the man himself and the ideas he represented.  We attempted to re-focus Malcolm in the midst of all surrounding confusion.

Malcolm X In Focus: A Happy Birthday Roundtable Discussion.

Black Agenda Report: New York Times Attempts to Define and Dictate Black Politics


The Sunday magazine of the nation’s most influential newspaper predicts that Black politics as we know it is headed for extinction, that Barack Obama’s “brand of ‘race-neutrality’ shows Black politics is obsolete, and should be abandoned.”

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