World Social Forum 2011 in Dakar, Senegal!

World Social Forum 2011 in Dakar, Senegal

World Social Forum 2011 in Dakar, Senegal


To further the work of the US Social Forum, a delegation of activists from the Detroit organizations who hosted the USSF will be traveling to Dakar, Senegal this week to participate in the World Social Forum 2011.

Delegates from the USSF will be meeting with activists from around Africa and from around the world to tell them about the work being done in this country and to learn from others’ struggles for social and ecological justice. They will be bringing the report from the People’s Movement Assemblies that convened around the USSF 2010. Delegates will be posting blogs and photos and other resources to help movements in the U.S. share in the energy and learning that happens at the WSF, and we urge you to visit the following links.

World Social Forum LIVE Via the Web

Tuesday, February 8, 7:00 PM Eastern US time. “Detroit-Dakar Social Forum Dialogue” at

Thursday, February 10, 7:00 PM Eastern US time: IndyMedia Center-Convergence House Discussion

IndyMedia Center activists (from IMC Africa) have been working with MayFirst/People Link and IndyMedia activists from other parts of the world to organize and maintain a Convergence Center — a house in Dakar where over 50 media makers and activists from more than a dozen countries of Africa are living, meeting, working and training together. Media activists who have helped report on the WSF will report to the rest of the world on their experiences, impressions of the Forum and the potential and challenges of media and information transmission they have encountered there.

The Detroit to Dakar delegation: There will be more images posted on a daily basis – as much as possible, we will try to give you the sense of the spirit of the WSF gathering, reporting particularly on D2D goal of making connections between U.S. and Africa. (Background on D2D )

Eastern Michigan Environmental Action Coalition (EMEAC) Photos and Blog

Poverty Working Group Delegate, Monica Beemer will be posting updates at: Facebook & Twitter

*View the summary transcript of the workshop on “The Future of the World Social Forums-Learning from the US Social Forum,” held at the USSF in Detroit.

These links are also posted at:

Support the ongoing work of the US Social Forum to build movements and foster coordination and cooperation among organizations working to make another United States Possible.

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